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What You Must Know About Forex

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If you have learned or known about   investing , then you must have heard about  Forex  trading. Forex is a short for "foreign exchange" that many investors don't know since Forex is less publicized on the net and in the major publications. Basically, foreign exchange is about trading the Forex market which does a trade in foreign currencies.

About ten years ago, to get an entry to currency trading is difficult due to the high barriers. Thus there were only large institutional firms and banking organizations that could trade in Forex because only they had access to the systems and tools that are essential to have.

There are altogether four pairs of currency that has the highest percentage of trading amounts in Forex. They are the Euro and US Dollar, the US Dollar and Japanese Yen, the US Dollar and Swiss Franc and the US Dollar with British Pound.

The purpose on  investing  in a currency through  Forex  is to get an appreciate in value of the currency in relation the other currencies. For instance, if you paid 100 US Dollars to buy 50 British Pounds, then you get hold of the Pounds for a week, and when that duration of time the Pound value increased in relation to US Dollars, the Pounds can be later converted to dollars back again to earn a 120 US Dollars for an example.

The trading of Forex currency is open for 24 hours a day for trades, whereas the domestic stock markets are not. In a domestic area, business trades are not done all through the 24 hours a day but at each hour, there is always business going on all over the globe at some region. Every country joins the trade on the Forex market and the market opens all through the day. A rough figure shows a $1.2 trillion of trade volume daily which is much larger than the New York Stock Exchange. A daily volume of Forex trading market can also be compared with futures currency market which consists only 1% of a daily volume.

Another fact to know us that Forex currency trading has no organization that acts as a central body like the NYSE or NASDAQ. The trading only happens between major banking centers around the globe.

Currently, individual investors have been prevented from trading when the transaction sizes have been minimized massively and there were strict requirements on the financial. But later comes the use of internet that introduces Forex brokers. A broker in Forex currency is just like an online stock trading account like trade.

Buying and selling in a Forex is allowed to anyone by opening an account. Since there are a big number of investors that are giving orders to the brokers, they are capable in meeting large minimum transaction sizes. They do it by buying large blocks and later distribute the currency among the investors who purchased.

Forex may be easy to start with but it is still something very complex. Although it gives enormous chances for wealth, it is also very easy to give risks to you. Thus it is advisable if you read a lot and find information before  investing  your money and trading in  Forex .

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Source by Mohd Rajaei Mohamad Ali



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