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The Bible of Options Strategies

Vladimir's LST System

The Bible of  Options   Strategies : The Definitive Guide for Practical Trading  Strategies  which is written by Guy Cohen is the best book on  option   strategies . An excellent book by an excellent author. Guy Cohen has lots of experience on both the US and UK derivatives and stock markets.

The book is easy to read, Guy Cohen uses images and diagrams to explain about a  strategy . Diagrams are easy to learn than numerical formula. The layout of the book is also great making the reader easy to navigate around the text. The  strategies  are categorized by Proficiency, Direction, Volatility, Risk/Reward, and Type. So it is easy if you want to find an intermediate, low volatility  option   strategy  for bullish market.

The book covers all of today’s best income, volatility, synthetic, and sideways market  strategies . It will show you why each  strategy  works, an when and how to use them.

Here are what you will learn from the book:

  1. The Four Basic  Options   Strategies .
  2. Income  strategies . It construct spreads within a shorter term (typically 30-45 days). An example is covered call.
  3. Vertical Spreads.
  4. Volatility  Strategies . These  strategies  is used when we think the price will move a lot. An example is short iron Condor.
  5. Sideways  Strategies . It is used when we think the price will not move a lot. An example is long iron Condor.
  6. Leveraged  Strategies .
  7. Synthetic  Strategies .
  8. Taxation for Options Traders.

The book has a total of 56  strategies . You don’t need to master every  strategy . It is entitled the “Bible of  Options   Strategies ” for a reason. It’s a bible, so when you hear someone mention a “Short iron Condor” and wonder what it is, go read it from the ‘Bible’.

Vladimir's LST System

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