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Professional Wealth Management

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What is professional  wealth   management ?

 Wealth   management  is a form of investment advisory which aims to combine services such as financial planning, investment portfolio management and additional financial services to develop a clear plan allowing individuals to manage their money more effectively.  Wealth   management  consultants can also become independent certified financial planners, chartered  wealth  managers or any form of credential professional money manager who aim to increase the  wealth  of longterm investors.

When is a professional  wealth   management  required?

Many small business owners often seek the assistance of  wealth   management  consultants to coordinate their retails banking, estate planning, legal resources, taxation and investment management. By enlisting the services of a professional, strategic, personal finance director people can make their money work harder for them allowing them to enjoy their time more. Many people who have considerable  wealth  have limited time and a personal financial planning service can help them translate their material worth into a more enjoyable life.

How it is achieved?

• By preparing regularly updated financial data such as balance sheets, profit and loss and cash flow.

• Creating cash flow projections and a reassessment overtime

• Assessing the viability of current, ongoing projects and the potential return on investment in new ventures.

• Helping to manage balance sheet assets

• Analysing income to determine cash flow and assessing how best to utilise additional incomes.

• Analysing current outgoing costs with a view to minimising wastage and reducing inefficiency

• Identifying potential risk and creating a means of effectively managing risks.

• Managing tax and identifying the most effective of ways of reducing taxation.

• Constructing a team of specialist advisers who cover a number of different fields from tax to legal.

• Regular meetings with board members to ensure clear lines of communication, cohesion and to provide direction.

• Regularly monitor performance and provide detailed reports and benchmarking against the initial plan

• Take every action to ensure that financial and legal responsibilities are continually met

• Assist with the management of financial administration.

Professional  wealth   management  is one of the most effective ways in which to secure your own financial future. By securing a financial future for yourself and your family you’re free to do the things in life you enjoy and the things we should all live for. Too many people in high income positions lose track of the bigger picture and neglect to consider the true value of life that can be realised through using a personal finance director.

Vladimir's LST System

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