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Finally you seek to be serious  to   invest  in stocks. But, before  investing , it is important to know that share trading is no magic or gambling that can fetch you money over night. It is a serious business that needs to be well taken care of and demands hard work and thorough calculations to get sheer profits. Hence, here are some questions that are to be well answered.

Risk Taker or Risk Faker?

In order to  learn   to   invest  in stocks, it is important for a person to know himself and his abilities. Are you the person who can bear heavy risk and throw huge amounts? Or you are among those who like to play it safe? The investments must be made according to the personality of the person. For risk takers, short-term investments are suitable as they are highly affected by day-to-day financial happenings. Similarly for risk fakers, that is, who do not like to take major risks may  invest  in long-term investments and equity shares.

Time and Interest for  Investing ?

If you are a full moon investor and do not have much time for serious involvement then the  option  of day trading is not for you. In case you wish to take stock  investing  on serious levels then various investment  options  may be experimented and sheer returns can be made. Also, make sure about what type of investor you are. If you are short-term investor and like to play quick then the investments should be made according to it.

Right Time  to   Invest ?

In case you are seeking for right time  to   invest , you must take into consideration that the right time for investment is ‘right now’. There is no perfect time that can assure to guarantee returns. Investment would feature risks associated with them any time. Hence, there is no point waiting for the right time, all you have to do is brace yourself and work on the stock market strategies.

Portfolio Structure?

One of the most important tools of the stock market is the portfolio of any investor. In simple terms, it is the mix of investments that is devised to make profits. It is important to know that any investor must have many eggs in one basket. A single investment, may be huge, does not get as much returns as diversified investments. Staking all money at one company is no intelligence. That company, if makes loss can leave you with your bare hands. Hence, small investments in various companies can help reduce risk because of the fact that one investment can cover the losses of other.


As a beginner in the stock market, start with an ease. Do not try and grab all the opportunities at one instance. The portfolio taste and stock investment changes with the time and experience, hence keep on adding the stocks and diversified investments to your portfolio. Also, do not forget to keep a track of the already made investments.

Vladimir's LST System

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