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How to Start an eBay Business

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To an average person, eBay is a place on the internet where you can buy cheap used item. I have heard many folks speaking of eBay along this line, but what they don’t realize is that many ordinary people have become financially independent since  starting  their eBay business.

eBay business is the best way to get your feet wet  online . If you are not familiar with other internet business opportunities such affiliate marketing, creating and selling your own product, blogging for profit, and so on, the best way to  start   an   online  business opportunity is to  start  an ecommerce  store .

eBay offers the best ecommerce store, not only because eBay offer a free registration for sellers, but also because eBay has 80 million users who are potential customer for your business. Where in the real world would you find a location that has 80 million people looking to buy your product, and you get to open a store there for free?

eBay has a feedback rating system which shows the reputation of the seller. The higher the number, out of 100%, the better the seller’s rating. This feedback system makes it a paramount importance for seller to list items with correct information, because a conflict with a buyer can lead to a negative effect which could affect the seller status on eBay.

The best way to test the potential of eBay is to list unwanted items that you may have lying around the house. This will enable you to see how the eBay system works between the seller and the buyer. You get to set up a payment system that link your bank account to your account so that you can get paid for your sales. Once you have sold about 10 products and are ready to sell as business it is important to open a  store  on eBay.

eBay  store  has many advantages over selling as a free member. The advantages are that you get to pay one tenth of the price paid as a free member and you have access to many tools to help you run your business as efficiently as possible. There are 3 types of eBay  stores , your best option is to  start  as a basic business seller, as business  start  to produce more sales and move more products per month, you can upgrade to a more advance  store .

Once you open a  store  it is time to look for a drop shipper or wholesaler. You best option is to use drop shipper in the beginning as this will give you the advantage of no upfront capital investment. Once you have access to more capital for your business, you may  start  to use wholesaler. You make more profit buying wholesale than using drop shipper.

Vladimir's LST System

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