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How To Invest In Forex With Forex Automated Trading

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Trading is NOT Investing

There is a big difference between trading and investing. A trader has to put in his time and energy to produce income. He has to analyze charts and financial data, then make the decision to place a trade. He does this over and over, hopefully earning enough to make a living. In order to make money, the trader has to put in his time. He is, in essence, exchanging his time for money. If the trader does not put in any time, there is no way he can make money. This is also true for a worker such as a retail store manager. He cannot earn money unless he puts in his time and does some work. He is trading his time for money.

An investor makes money by spending money on things that will earn him more money over time. Once the investment is made, little if any time is required to maintain the investment. An example of an investor would be someone who purchases an office building for $1 million, and can then collect rent from all the businesses residing in that building. After a few years the investor will get back all of his initial investment, and will continue to receive money from his office building for as long as he owns it. Another example of an investor is someone who purchases dividend yielding stock. By doing nothing more than simply purchasing this stock, he will receive quarterly dividends for as long as he owns the stock. Again, over time he will get back every penny that he invested, and then continue receiving money for as long as he owns the stock.

How can Forex be an investment?

Forex is not normally considered an investment because you have to trade currencies in order to make money. However, with a good Forex Signal Service, you can invest your money in Forex without having to invest much time. Think of it this way; suppose you put some money into a Forex account, then hire someone to spend his time trading for you, while you went and did other things such as spend time with your grandkids. Then each month you could withdraw the profits from your account and pay your trader a percentage of profits, keeping the rest for yourself. Well, with a good Forex Signal Service, you can do exactly that, and although you may have to pay a fee to subscribe, the profits from trading are 100% yours to keep!

Why choose Forex as your investment vehicle?

There are a number of reasons for choosing Forex as your means of investing. First, it is relatively inexpensive to get started with Forex. You can start with as little as $1000 and "test the waters" so to speak. Second, with the right Forex Signal Service you will earn a much higher rate of return than almost any other type of investment. As an example, suppose you deposit $20 thousand into a savings account that pays an annual interest rate of 5 percent. Each month you would be able to withdraw about $83 from that account and not ever touch your original deposit. If you were to put that same $20 thousand into a Forex account and use a reliable Forex Signal Service, instead of just $83, you might be able to withdraw $1000 or more each month from your account. Big difference!

Where can you find a reliable Forex Signal Service?

There are many Forex Robots and Forex Signal Providers out there that claim to do outrageous things like doubling your account every month, but the majority of them are absolute garbage. Of all the Forex Signal Providers that I have personally tested, the "Forex Cashflow System" is one of the most reliable that I know of. There are a number of Forex Signals that you can choose from, each with their own live performance statistics displayed publicly on the Web Site. There is also great support if you are in need assistance.

Vladimir's LST System

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