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Here’s Why You Need To Start An Online Business

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The need to make money online is becoming (if it already hasn’t) everyone’s business. Just the other day, I accidentally overheard, in a conversation that sounded more like a television interview/show, that selling domain names on the Internet has become multi billion business!

Yes, you heard correct! Buying and (re)selling Internet domain names is the online real estate business. The highest paid for/sold domain name is According to the aforementioned conversation — and according to Marc Ostrofsky, author of Get Rich Click — was sold for 13 million dollars, in 2010! Today, it is worth almost $80M, according to!… (I will discuss further details on this ever-booming Internet real estate business in another post, as for now, this wasn’t the topic of the day).

The reason I am saying that the online business has become huge is because, even the government officials have turned to the Internet to make money to fund their campaigns! The running presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, have all started raising money online by establishing online stores. So now fans a.k.a voters can find various items on their favorite candidate’s online store (t-shirts, caps, etc.), and purchase some to show support.

Now, if government officials are turning to the Internet to make money, what more proof are you waiting for to realize that people and their money are both more and more online as years go by? What’s your excuse?

If you’re worried about not having an online presence where to advertise your own stuff or the affiliate products you wish to promote, you can choose to use your Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram accounts. If you prefer to have to have a website or a blog solely meant for your side hustle or business (like me), and you don’t have hundreds oftentimes even thousands of dollars to pay professional Web graphic designers, you can get a ready-to-function WordPress blog for as little as $25/mo and start blogging about anything you please (your passion, hobbies). The only thing you’ll need is a domain name (if you wish to personalize it; e.g.: it can be your name followed which you can easily get from or

Making money online is easy, guys! Especially now that everyone spends more and more time on the Internet these days. It only gets better and simpler. Ask Clinton, Paul or Cruz, am sure they’ll agree:)

Vladimir's LST System

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