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E Commerce – Making First Steps, 2nd Part

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You’ve already gain some general knowledge about e-commerce business in the first part of the article.

Now we would like to make you acquainted with a detailed step-by-step guide in creating and operating an online shop. Let’s start with preliminary training.

Preliminary training should include such decision like name of an Internet shop, domain name, specialization of a web store, reasonable amount for sale, goods quality, content on the site, target audience.

Name is the face of a shop. It must be associated with the theme of your product, be simple and memorable. Creating a good name is one of the most simple and powerful competitive advantages and not only in e-commerce business.

Separate domain is the URL of your shop (Internet address created by the store at which visitors will come on your site). It also should be easy to remember.

Subject (specialization of a web store) – it is better to sell products from one or several related categories. It will be easier for a visitor to find the product on his request.

Reasonable amount of items – you need to create well-structured catalog. So you would better observe the “rule of three clicks: the visitor must find the proper product in not more than three of following links within your web store.

The goods quality (store image) – the better is quality of products, the better shop will work. Internet is the information environment and if 1 out of 100 who have purchased goods leave somewhere on the internet brickbat, the consequences would be as if in real life, it had 20 clients.

Content – including description, photos, technical specifications of products, interesting articles. In general – this is information that should make visitors stay on your site, rather than switch to competitors.

* Description – is very important. The more description store contents – the better. But do not forget the description should be also interesting.

* Image – one of the most important elements in an Internet shops. Goods without an image is like a TV without the image of the sound, but this is not enough

* Target audience – people who will buy your product. Suppose you propose only 2-3 different products, but if you target to specific audience, you can sell these products in bulk and on the continuation of a long time.

Choose the engine

Decide what functionality of online store will be the most appropriate for you. Based on this thoughts you could find a suitable ready-made script for online store or emphasis a programmer which one you need. It is cheaper to remake itself under existing engine internet shop.

Choose the design

Based on the theme of your store, you must create an attractive design, first of all for your visitors.

Choose the hosting

This is a server space to place your store in. You need a quality hosting service for normal operation of a web shop.

In the end

Now your Internet shop is ready and available for new visitors on the Internet. But just creation of a single online shop is not enough. How do we get visitors and convert them into buyers? The better way to do this is running the Internet advertising company.

Internet Advertising

Visitors come to the site from search engines, banners, forums, articles, message boards, contextual advertising. But at the core of a successful online business is a quality search engine optimization for an online store. It is known that the greatest number of customers is coming from search engines. And, as a rule, having made at least one purchase, the customer will return to order other your products, but directly through a bookmark. It shows the principle of “customer confidence”, which brings money to your pocket.

Search engine optimization is a set of actions, the purpose of which is putting the site on the first page in the search engines like Google and Yahoo! for particular “selling” queries. The result is a significant increase of a site’s visitors, which will lead to an increase in sales

Vladimir's LST System

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