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Dummies Guide to Making Money From Stocks

Vladimir's LST System

I used to wonder if there was a  dummies  guide to making profitable  stock  trades. Well after a few months trying to find such a thing I think I have found such a system. In this article I will explain what it is and how it works and how I make a few hundred dollars each month while still considering myself to be a  dummy !

The big problem I used to have when I dabbled with  stock  trading was picking the right  stocks . I used to spend weeks at a time researching just one or two companies I liked. It seemed like the harder I looked, the more questions I found and the more research techniques or ratio calculations I discovered and had to learn. In short I was suffering from what I termed “Analysis Paralysis”. I spent hours and hours researching and never any time actually trading.

What changed all of this was when I stumbled across an article about a  stock  selection tool that changed my finances significantly. I simply registered to a  stock  selection newsletter that provides me with a weekly list of  stocks  to  invest  in. However this particular service is very different from many other on the market. The selections are made by a computer program that was designed by a former employee of one of the world’s largest and most successful investment banks. It is effectively a  stock  trading strategy computerized. The key benefit it brings is that it uses the huge computational power of computers to analyze thousands of  stocks  and pieces of market data which greatly improves it’s chances of picking winning  stocks .

Do not get too excited because I am not a millionaire (yet!). Not all of the  stocks  rise in value however when they do go up it usually tends to be by large increments such as 20%-40% meaning I make bigger profits. That said I reckon so far about 70% of the selections have risen as predicted.

Vladimir's LST System

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