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Top Stock Investment Books

Top Stock Investment Books
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Investment in stock market is a highly attractive, but immensely risky, financial proposition. One has to learn the basic things before swimming in the turbulent and unpredictable financial sea that is stock market for getting a good catch. Although, one cannot understand stock market by merely reading books. One has to do it to learn it. Stock investment books are useful for beginners who have not started trading and those who are involved in active trading. The people who have experience in stock trading tend to benefit from the books more than those without experience. A good thing to remember before start doing stock broking is that there are plenty of people who have gained from stock market boom and more importantly there are equal number, if not more, people who have lost their hard earned money when the markets crash. Now let us consider some of the top books related to investment in stock market.

Trading for a Living (ISBN: 0471592242)

is a highly rated book by financial experts written by Alexander Elder. The book is published by John Wiley and Sons. The author explains mainly what he terms as three M’s. Those are Mind, Method, and Money. The author suggests several ways to remain cool and composed while stock market crash and the bull run in the market. He also provides methods to understand the volatile and often undecipherable behavior of stock markets. He also advocates the use of computer and internet to spot good shares.

Another top-rated book on stock market and its behavior is The Intelligent Investor (ISBN: 006055661). It is written by Benjamin Graham and Jason Zweig and published by HarperBusiness. One of its authors Benjamin Graham is a man of some standing in the world of stock market analysis, especially known for providing what is known as “market tips.” His remarkable wisdom and experience with various stock markets in the world are reflected in the book. The authors advocate a “value investing” philosophy. A philosophy they claim would protect the share market investors from significant errors in judgment and guide them to develop long-term financial targets. The book is widely considered as the holy book for the traders in stock market.

Another famous book on stock market investment is The Master Swing Trader (ISBN: 0071363092), written by Alan S. Farley. The book is published by McGraw-Hill. The author mainly deals with swing trading or the trend of gaining from short-term price moves. The author provides information on using technical analysis to understand market behavior. There are other useful books on the subject of stock market investment, notably Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, written by Edwin Lefèvre; Trading in the Zone and Disciplined Trader by Mark Douglas; and Option Volatility & Pricing by Sheldon Natenberg.

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