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Forex Trading Robots – How the Largest Investment Banks Use Robots on Forex

Forex Trading Robots – How the Largest Investment Banks Use Robots on Forex

Forex Trading - Advantages and Disadvantages

It’s been a few years since I took part in developing TOP-10 trading robots at one of the world’s largest investment banks. I also was an advisor the developing automated data analysis systems at one of the limited-access hedge-funds…

During the work process I had summarized the statistics of how the market-makers sometimes make billions of dollars a day (please note that I’m speaking of high-value speculations but not of investing in “toxic” assets that some banks suffered losses lately).

  • 75% are the automated trading systems, robots
  • 15% – are riskless but low-income arbitrage operations which are conducted by actual people
  • 5% (don’t say that to anyone) is the usage of insider information

And the mere 5% are those operations that are conducted by dealers on the basis of publicly available information, i.e. classical trading.

How to become a successful trader?

Get profit along with the investment banks, algorithmize and automate your trading systems. Do you think it is too complex or requires large funding? No, this is not so…Why are automated Forex trading robots better than manual trading? There are several reasons:

  • no emotions – no losses because of it
  • no time spent watching the market – more opportunities to earn from non-sleeping markets like Forex and the most important thing is that you can test it before you start to use it!
  • and the most important thing is that you can test it before start to using!

You must to test it beforehand, using that Forex trading robot, so you’ll know what profits and losses are waiting for you in the future. When you know what an interest (%) is there and know your potential risks it turns to weighted investments, like you put money on a bank deposit, but your interest rate depends on the Forex trading robot and it can be much bigger as well as having risks. But if one part of your money is on bank deposit, another one, for example, is in shares or bonds, and you would like to see your “extra” money or you just a risky person, so you could use Forex trading robots…

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