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Small Business – Starting Your Online Empire

Small Business – Starting Your Online Empire
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Many people dream of owning a small business online – starting up a site selling information or hard goods. And most hope to do it with very little investment. But is it really possible to make money online if you aren’t already experienced in business?

Unfortunately, the ease with which anyone can set up a website and collect email addresses has led to many unscrupulous people promising the possibility of online riches with virtually no effort. And they often charge vast amounts of money to tell inexperienced marketers how to do this. This can end in disillusionment and frequently results in huge credit card bills – and little to show in return.

So, if you are interested in setting up a small business, starting a niche website, perhaps related to your job or a hobby, is it really possible to avoid the hype and make money online?

A surprising number of ordinary people are making a very comfortable living doing just that. However, it doesn’t happen overnight and if you do all the work yourself will involve quite a bit of effort. The more money you have to invest, the more of the work you can outsource, cutting down the time it takes to make a profit. But on a low budget, you can still be successful if you follow some basic rules and most importantly, if you persist. So, the answer is yes, you can make money, but don’t be fooled by promises of instant results. And be prepared to keep up the momentum.

First of all, you will need some money up front – no business can be set up entirely free. You wouldn’t expect to set up offline without premises, basic equipment and services and an advertising budget. Likewise, there are a few things you’ll need to pay for if you want to have an online business. However, “real estate” online is a lot cheaper than offline. You need to have a website, with a good domain name and reliable hosting, as well as a good autoresponder to help you build a list of contacts. And ideally you should invest in some training to get you started. You’ll need a product, either your own, or one you sell as an affiliate and you’ll need to know how to attract visitors to your site.

Selling digital products is a good small business starting point, as you don’t have to worry about the cost of production or postage. You can either write your own e-book, or use private label rights to get started. Alternatively, go to clickbank and look at the areas in which you can make money selling existing products for a commission.

Vladimir's LST System

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