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All Marketing Propaganda Aside, Can Anyone Really Start A Successful Online Business?

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The big answer to that big question is a resounding yes! I believe anyone can do anything as long as they are in alignment and have the right system in place. And while this is a question that most people will throw at you just to scrutinize ones response, I am not really interested in whether or not “anyone” can do it, but whether “you” think you can do it. And if you would like to do it, then allow me to show you how… So here’s the best question in my opinion:

Do you think it’s possible for “me” to be able to start a business from scratch even if I don’t have any prior experience or formal education?

I not only think so, I believe it! I can almost bet that you’ve had more formal schooling than I did if you’re reading this. And you must have had some basic computer lessons… I had none of these and I still started a wonderful business that is fast growing and already scalable beyond what others who’ve had many years of experience currently have. What’s the secret?

It’s actually an open secret that very few people know that’s why wealth has only been circulating among very few individuals. Until now…

The birth of the new world:

It is here my dear reader; we are indeed in a new world! Just a little over two decades ago, most of what you can do today was impossible. Thanks to the birth of the digital economy and the revolution that the internet has brought, you now have a fair and clear shot. A unique platform for rewriting your destiny and changing your family history. You have the chance to create a lifestyle and business that your parents had never envisioned no matter how big their hopes were for you. And the best part is that you don’t need to have any background on anything – just a good soul, strong faith, good values and a strong work ethic with a burning passion to be free and make a difference in this world.

Our changing world is offering us the ability to have better lives than previous generations had, including those who were seemingly rich. Thanks to our digital economy, we don’t have to trade in time for money and we don’t need to be physically tied to one place wasting the best years of our lives.

So why should you choose to take advantage of starting something online?

Well, to be honest, only you can answer that for yourself. But I’ll tell you why I have chosen to set-up my home business online:

I value freedom so much and yet my life started in complete bondage. I was born in the bosom of poverty in an African slum. My desire for a better life was more than just a wish, it was rage; an anger-driven fire that couldn’t be put out by anything and believe me, there’s been a lot of storms trying to put that fire out. And through my journey I realized that freedom was more than just having food on the table for my family and I. Prosperity was more than just having enough to pay bills; and I really wanted to have real freedom and prosperity.

After progressively working my way out of the hell that I was born into, I now show others how to successfully do the same because believe me, limiting beliefs and poverty consciousness hasn’t hijacked slum dwellers alone. It’s a pandemic that’s robbing most of humanity their real birthright. And I have met wonderful individuals that have mentored and partnered with me, who helped me realize that just remaining behind the scenes helping a few people around me, was such a disservice to humanity especially because the world is crying for more authentic and real people who genuinely know how to create breakthroughs.

Through the internet and the new online partners I’ve teamed up with, I have learnt just how impactful my teachings and workshops can be but what’s even more captivating for me was that I got more time and geographical freedom to work from anywhere in the world at any time!

So that’s why I made it a priority to get into the online world. But this is now about you, what will you choose to do now with this information?

Whether you have an ongoing business or have been thinking of starting one, will you still stay on the sidelines and miss your opportunity of a lifetime to actually create something that will change your whole life?

How different would life be for you and your family if you could start something today that would eventually give you financial, time and geographical freedom? Of course there is a lot of nonsense and hyped stuff available today and I sure fell hard for a few of those only to realize soon after it was all useless. And I think if you tune up your intuitive faculty, you’ll be able to tell if this is some get rich scheme but I can already spare you time and tell you it’s not!

I am not telling you that I can make you rich!

I am however telling you that you deserve to be rich and in fact already are rich but you need truth, clarity and support in shifting some of the beliefs that have created barriers to what’s already yours.


#1. In our world today, anyone can rise from the ashes and effortlessly create an empire that changes people’s lives including their own.

#2. The digital business lifestyle is very real and possible for anyone who has a strong work ethic, right values, passion and one who’s ready to acquire the necessary system and education.

#3. Very few online marketers actually know how to help someone with no prior business experience. Yes they have great sales tactics, but it takes more than that to start a successful business. There are 5 basic steps that everyone needs to know about setting up an online business and switching to the internet laptop lifestyle, all of which I am happy to share with you at length in my free training. But aside from that you also need what I call the awesome Tri-factor to produce that freedom lifestyle. This is a perfect combination of: – the right desire – the right mindset – the right business system.

Most of the time, these three are separated and it’s a lot of work to juggle or even acquire all of them at once, let alone making them work in harmony. On top of that, you need some practical knowledge and tools to express and harness what you’ve already got in a manner that is scalable and highly rewarding. And that’s what I hope to share with you because thanks to the internet and the growing digital economy, we now have a genuine platform that can help you attain all that and more… Life is meant to be awesome for you and if a thriving opulent lifestyle is something you’ve had a craving for, it’s time you claimed what you deserve.

Vladimir's LST System

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