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7 Top Essential Tools For Starting an Online Business

7 Top Essential Tools For Starting an Online Business
Vladimir's LST System

Whether you are selling real estate, cars, books or digital information there are some foundations that must first be setup in order to ensure good success with any online business, or the purpose of this article we will discuss only seven (7) of them. Now assuming that you already have a product and/service to market online and you have a fairly good idea to whom you want to market it to, we will explore the essentials that you must now have.


Control your Product Own your Domain

As it is in the real world so it is in cyberspace. Owning your own real estate is very important. In the World Wide Web owning your own domain name, to which you link your website, and having it hosted by a service is the same as buying a piece of land and building a business on it. It is yours. You control what content you use, how you promote it and where you drive traffic from. Do not get me wrong promoting a duplicate site, as with affiliate marketing, does work, but we are talking here about the extent at which it does. You will earn tons more owning and promoting your own domain name than promoting a copied affiliate site.


An AutoRresponder Service delivers the Goods

An autoresponder simply answers emails that are sent to you. They may respond with a pre-written message that you will make contact later or respond by delivering on a request made by the sender. Online businesses allow the access of many people to your business and handling the demands of the customers in a consistent and professional manner is very important, especially as your business becomes more successful and popular. Automating this aspect of your business with an auto responding service, example Aweber, will increase professionalism and consistency in the way you interact with these many customers. Also, this service will guarantee that all your correspondences make it to your customers without fear of spam blocking. In addition to all of that the service, if set up correctly, will quickly build a huge list of your customers or potential customers who you can email again should you have other products you feel they might be interested in.


Funnel Traffic to your Landing page

A landing page or lead capture page is the page that potential customers see when they, click through an advertisement, or type in a keyword or phrase in a search engine. It is here that the potential customer is given a short and sweet description of the offer you are promoting. It is meant to entice the customer into performing some action before accessing the main offered product. He is either asked to fill out an opt-in form with a name and email, subscribing to a newsletter, or whatever in order to receive a useful, relevant item. Sometimes, Ian item is given away free once someone performs the requested action on this page. The landing page acts in tandem with your autoresponder in that it helps to builds a list of hungry buyers.


Cloak and protect your links

So you have build a great business, you have a great product and you are now setting up a killer promotion system, before you do anything else you need to protect your link. For this you will need a cloaking software or service. These are used for two main reasons: A) to make a long link shorter, and B) to protect against thieves. If you have been online for any length of time chances are that you have come across an offer with a link that is just too long. Not only is it not attractive, it makes the reader believe that you are not really interested in putting any real effort into assisting him or his perception of you because of a lack of a professional looking link, he would more than likely avoid it. Next, there is the problem of thieves, steeling your commission and customer. You work hard to build and promote your business, an exposed link allows opportunity for unscrupulous persons to delete your affiliate numbers, for example, and add their own thus stealing your commissions. It does happen. A Cloaking software or service protects your investment.


Track your effectiveness

It is expensive to promote a product or website therefore it is important not to waste time and money on advertising that just does not work. Using a tracking system will greatly help weed out what works and what does not. It will report to you, in a most comprehensive way the ads that are being clicked on, and sometime even volume of sales from those clicks. This would effectively lean down your promotion expense which equates to more profits for you.


Give and you shall Receive

It is important for your customers to know that they are appreciated, that you are not only interested in their money. So, in addition to a great support system you need to giveaway some stuff to your valuable list of loyal customers. This action builds your respect level and presence online and in the real world especially if the free item is useful and relevant to the main need of your customer. They will repay you with there trust and hopefully continue to make your site the choice to satisfy their needs.


Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Dare I say it again, TRAFFIC. You may have heard it before or it is so simple that you knew it already but, no matter how spectacularly great the product is or how brilliantly designed the website might be it is all useless if no one sees it. A major part of running any business is getting your product in the front of customers. This requires time, money and consistency. If you have the time you can market your offer/product through blogging, article writing, social networks video presentations etc. or if you have the money you can outsource the job of creating a system of promoting your business, which ever way you choose it must be consistent. Let us just face it advertising it something that you just can not get around it is something you need to do. Without it your “business” will fail. I am repeating this so often because it is that important. After you have settled on a way, or several ways to promote you business it must be done very frequently. Finding ways to automate this traffic driving system is important for your success. Automating your traffic system can be as easy as creating your own affiliate program or managing a membership list.

There they are the top seven essential tools for starting an online business. I will expand on a few of these points in future articles.

Cheers!!!! To your success.

Vladimir's LST System

Source by Jeffrey Moss



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